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Smencils Scented Pencils Suggested $ 300.00- Our Price $285/case 500 in each case. sell for $ 1.00 and profit $ 225.00
Here is why Smencils make a great fundraiser
Smencils have No sugar They're good for the environment Smencils have No calories They show the benefits of recycling Smencils don't melt They're unique - so no competition Smencils are actually useful It's rare that people only buy one Smencil They're actually interesting They're all packed and ready to go A $1 fundraiser item - easy to sell Sell any time of year and in many ways There are 500 Scented Pencils in each case. Each case is divided into ten 50-count carry tubs or buckets containing:
5 Bubble Gum
5 Strawberry Cupcake
5 Water Melon
5 Grape Soda
5 Root Beer
5 Jelly Donut
5 Lollipop
5 Lemon Lime Fizz
5 Gum-E-Bear
5 Cotton Candy
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