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Compare Apples to Apples Or… well really, cookies to cookies. Yes, there are a bazillion cookie dough fundraisers out there, but have you ever sat down and actually compared them? The one with the most profit might not be the best quality cookie dough. But honestly, who has time to sit down and compare all the different companies?? I’ll give you 5 simple questions to look at that will help you narrow down your choices to the best one! ::cough, cough:: Savory Foods ::cough, cough::

Product Size: How much product are you actually getting? Most cookie doughs are a 2lb or a 2.5lb tub. Savory Foods offers a full 2.7lb  of cookie dough! More dough for your dough!

Product Quality: Is the cookie dough you are looking at shelf stable for 21 days? Have you ever thought about what might be in that product to make it stay “fresh” on the counter for 3 full weeks?? Savory Foods offers a FRESH made to order cookie dough, using the same ingredients that you would use at home in your own kitchen. And we are Food Safety Certified!

Selling Price: How much control do you have over the selling price of your items? Savory Foods allows you to set your selling price, which gives you control over your profit! Which leads to the next question…

Profit: How much are you making? Is it a flat 30%, 40% or more? Savory Foods allows you to price your items for maximum profit!!

Ease of Sale: What’s included in your sale? Are you working with a real live person, are they going to be there to answer your questions? Savory Foods sales reps are there 100% of the way to give you the tools for success  and help guide you along the way!

Your group can sell the greatest Homemade Style Cookie Dough in America
Made fresh everyday

You will get
2.7 lbs. of deliciously awesome  cookie dough

We also can prepack all your students order so you will have no sorting, free sorting to large orders, a small charge for small orders, Call Matt for details
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You can make huge profits with our Cookie Dough and Popcorn, most groups sell for $ 17.00, and make $ 6.50 - $ 7.00 each item, some sell for more and make eve more profit,
Call Matt today for full information, small to large groups can make outstanding profit on Savory Gourmet Cookie Dough,


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