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Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Cookie Dough Fundraiser
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Boston's Best Coffee Roasters

Available in two awesome fundraising programs

Gourmet Coffee
Each 11 oz. bag will make up to 8 (12 cup) pots of coffee.  All items $15.

French Vanilla
Hazelnut Crème
Breakfast Blend
Jamaican Me Crazy (Caramel Vanilla)
Donut Shop Blend
Donut Shop Decaffeinated
French Roast
Vanilla Hazelnut
Coffee Shop Sampl

Single Serve Cups
12 single serve cups per box in the following flavors:All items $ 15.00

A Wicked Good Morning
A Wicked Couple Vanilla & Hazelnut
Wicked Delicious Donut Shop Blend
Wickedly Carmelized
Wickedly Dark
Wickedly Chocolately Browne Toffee Crunch


Boston's Best Coffee Roasters was founded in 1979 with only one thing in mind, TO BE THE BEST!

The best in flavor, the best in aroma, the best in service, with the best selection of products in the industry.

Winning the "Award of Excellence" from the Fine Beverages & Food Federation reconfirms what restaurateurs, chefs, & coffee drinkers tell us everyday, Boston's Best is...well, THE BEST!!

We can proudly say we roast coffee for the most discriminating buyers from local, national, and international companies. We are constantly researching the market to bring our customers the finest coffees & the latest technology available so they can produce the "ultimate" cup of coffee.
Each individual bag of freshly ground coffee will make 10-12 cups of our delicious "award winning" coffee. With 10 fabulous flavors to choose from, your supporters are sure to want to try them all. Each member can easily sell a 52 count case, and most sell 2 or more!. These are also perfect when selling outside your local grocery or department store, and they are  a must have at bake sales and events. Ask your local business owners to purchase a few cases for the employee break room.

So easy to sell at just $ 1.00 per packet


Your Case Order Cost Per Backpack Profit Per Backpack Your Profit Percentage
5-16 Cases $ 31.20 $ 20.80 40  %
17-34 Cases $ 28.60 $ 23.40 45 %
35 + $ 26.00 $ 26.00 50 %


Bostons Best Coffee- Yours Profit and Costs


Each Case has 9 Backpacks with 52 packets of  Delicious Gourmet Coffee

Call Matt for information  1-877-699-7807

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