# 571 Funnel cakes

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Funnel Cake Mix

Delicious memories of those warm, sweet cakes devoured between roller coaster rides and carnival games in the good old summertime. Finger-licking treats all year ‘round!

Funnel Cakes are easy to make - Easy Mixing Instructions:
Just add water for some delicious funnel cakes - Entire tub makes 30 4-inch funnel cakes, or 3 lbs. of dough.
Use the dough up right away, or refrigerate for 2 weeks - freeze up to 2months.

Funnel Cake mix contains the following ingredients: Granulated sugar, vanilla, salt, nonfat dry milk, medium gluten flour, pastry flour, granulated sugar, iodized salt, non-fat dry milk, fat flakes, tricalcium phosphate, Fleischmann's baking powder.

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