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Flower Fundraising
USA and Holland Bulbs. A wide assortment of Annuals
and Perennials for Spring
Plus Page's Seed Kits for flowers, vegetables and herbs.
Bulbs are guaranteed to grow and bloom or replaced free!
One of our long-time favorite programs.

Profit: 50% Retail $7.00 to $25.00

Art in Nature - Guaranteed to Grow
earn 50%.. profit
Spring 2017 Planting for Summer Blooms
Why choose Western Promotions for your fundraisers?
After 23 years supporting the industry’s - we are well established as a reliable, “earth-friendly” fundraising supplier!
We offer only top-quality bulbs and seeds that are easy to sell.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
We provide easy-to-use brochures filled with colorful images and product details. Every item reflects value pricing, and useful information to help make an easy purchasing decision.
Orders are delivered on time - every time. We direct ship product orders to your requested destination.
We require no minimums - and re-orders can be placed at any time during season!

FREE Delivery - Your Fundraising Flower Bulbs are delivered FREE anywhere in the Continental U.S.

Low Minimum Order - There is a low minimum order of 15 items on this Flower Bulb Fundraiser (FREE Delivery included).

Outstanding PROFIT - Fundraising Flower Bulbs earn your group 45%- 50% PROFIT on every bulbs package sold.

Risk-Free - We provide FREE Brochure Order-Takers*, so that you can sell the Fundraising Flower Bulbs prior to placing your order.

Student Packaging - For easy distribution, your customers’ Fundraising Flower Bulbs orders are pre-packed specifically to the individual sellers 

100% Guarantee - All of Nature in Bloom’s Fundraising Flower Bulbs are absolutely guaranteed to germinate and grow, or they will be replaced by the manufacturer free of charge.
BLOOMING WRAP Gift wrap that blooms into beautiful flowers when planted in soil after use
Embedded with  non-gmo flower seeds that will attract
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25 75.00 $ 937.50
50 75.00 $ 1875
100 75.00 $  3750
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